Mind & Body Integration Tools

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be an expensive doormat or a magic carpet — your choice. Yoga is one of the best tools to deepen the mind-body connection and aid in the integration process.

Manduka PRO Product Link

Body Exfoliating Brush

Bring your conscious awareness into your body with methodic and mindful brushing.

Exfoliating Brush Product Link


The Pso-Rite is a great tool to get into your body. Yes, it was specifically made to work on the psoas muscle, but it can also draw your awareness into your body.

Pso-Rite Product Link

Rolflex Foam Roller

Similar to the dry brush this foam roller is another tool that can hone your conscious awareness back inward for a powerful somatic experience.

Rolflex Foam Roller Product Link

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