The Body Keeps The Score,

But Light Finds A Way

Our Process

Have you tried talk therapy, antidepressants, and or yoga and are still feeling stuck in the realm of your emotional health?

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New Here?

Read the origin story of Integration Station and explore more tools to process trauma on our “Start Here” page. 

You’ll find tools and frameworks, and stories to help “unstick yourself”. We believe that the only healer or guru you’ll ever need is the one inside you. 

"Integration is the process of unionizing disintegration parts into their whole"

Our Tools

Our current toolkit: journaling and somatic experiencing.


Journaling is the process of capturing insights & experiences. Capturing these two objects is paramount in the process. Detach from the monkey mind and more into your experience to reduce suffering.

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Somatic Experiencing

We’ve found that talk therapy can only go so far. Yes, it’s helped countless people, but we’ve found that it’s only one piece of the fully integrated human puzzle. Somatic Experiencing is an alternative therapy geared towards helping people find healing from trauma.

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