Helping humans convert

altered states to altered traits

For Individuals

Are you an individual that recently had a psychedelic experience? Be it Breathwork, a 10-day silent meditation retreat, or an Ayahuasca retreat?

Unsure of what to do from here? Click the “Learn More” button below to access our Integration Protocol.

For Clinics

Are you in the process of opening a Ketamine clinic? Or already run a psychedelic clinic and are looking to improve your integration processes?

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"Psychedelic Integration is the emotional & logistical work pre & post journey"

Our Tools

Our primary tools are journaling exercises, coaching, and pairing modalities to aid the integration process.

Why Journaling?

Journaling is the process of capturing insights. Capturing insights is paramount in the process. Capture the wisdom you obtain from these emotional experiences in order to act on them. You can’t build a house without a blueprint.

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Why Coaching?

Ever try to give yourself a haircut? It doesn’t always go as intended. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to see your own blindspots. That’s where coaching comes in. You get an objective party able to guide you on what to condition & how to condition it.

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Why Pairing Modalities?

The work required to condition a change when using altered states of consciousness is more than the experience. It requires emotional work post medicine. Pairing other modalities can deepen your healing/performance. 

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